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Low Cost Clinic

Clinic Is the 2nd Saturday of Every Month

FuRR - Operation JackIn accordance with our primary Mission is to help reduce the population of unwanted, stray, feral, and abandoned cats in Arkansas.  To help wtih this, FuRR sponsors a low cost clinic once a month at Little Rock Animal Village.  FuRR sponsors visits made by appointment only.  You must have an appointment to take advantage of these low costs.  You can make an appointment request online. If you would like to apply for assistance from our FuRR/Petco Spay/Neuter grant, please fill out the application then make an appointment.

While these visits can include:

    Spay/Neuter Surgery
    Rabies Shots
    Limited Medical Services

Priority during these appointments will be given to feral cats, stray cats, and pregnant female cats.  It's better to make an appointment as soon as possible, as our clinic slots are limited, and they go quickly every month.

Here is a sample of the general costs for these clinic appointments:

$35 for a Spay/Neuter Surgery
$10 for Rabies shots (required by law)

If you have a cat (or a dog) and our clinic slots are full, please visit our page detailing the efforts of Operation SAVE in the Little Rock area.

Over the last two years, FuRR has been extremely lucky and received a grant from the Petco Foundation for Spay/Neuter and Rabies vaccinations.  In order to use our grant, you must qualify for the no cost program.  To see more details about it, please visit our Petco Grant page.

Over the last 2 years, Petco and FuRR have combined to provide alteration sugeries for 872 cats.  This has show a dramatic decline in the feral/stray cat population of the overall Little Rock area.  The money from this grant is limited, if you would like to help us to contine to support our Mission, please consider a Donation to our Spay/Neuter fund.