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Saving Lives One Cat at a Time


Get Involved - Donate

Our Biggest Need Right Now: Foster Homes

    Medical Donation

    Would you  like to help a cat receive spay/neuter surgery, or a family with cats who are sick?  While we have very thankfully received a grant from Petco again this year, the grant is limited to very specific guidelines.  We often get requests from families or caregivers who are supporting colonies and could use help with medical needs and do not have funds available.

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    General Fund

    We try and keep a set amount of funds available for emergencies, foster home supplies, food, litter, and many other day to day rescue items.  This is the fund that we use to both keep the lights on, and take care of any urgent situations that may come up.

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  • General Fund


    We are currently seeking both annual and corporate sponsors to assist us in our mission of reducing (or eliminating altogether) unwanted animals in Southern Arkansas.  Sponsorship can be in many different forms, it doesn't always have to be monetary.

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  • FuRR - Kroger Donations

    Grocery Shopping Helps Us!

    Do you go grocery shopping at a local Kroger?  If you have a Kroger rewards card, you can donate money to us by simply signing up, registering your card, and linking it to our charity.  We received almost $500 last quarter from loyal Kroger shoppers who are also animal lovers.  Every dollar helps!  Please click on the link below.

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